Growing a successful business takes many factors. You need a great product or service. You need hard work and persistence. You may even need a little luck!

One thing you might not think you need is a great graphic designer. In your specific industry, you might think that graphic design has no influence on whether or not you succeed. Think again. There are so many industries where businesses could grow more rapidly if they understood more about graphic design. Here are 3 of them.

1 — E-commerce

If you run a real-world shop, you design your store with a specific layout to direct your customers around. You use staff to help sell products. You use music and décor to create an atmosphere.

You can’t do that with an e-commerce store. All you have is what your customer can see.

You won’t make many sales with a poorly designed website. You need it to look beautiful. It needs to give an impression to your customer that this is a place where they will get what they want. Plus, you need to do this in less than 5 seconds.

What’s more, you need your e-commerce site to function well. If your customers can’t find what they want straight away, they won’t waste time searching; they will go somewhere else.

Professional graphic designers will create a brand your customer can ‘feel’ straight away. They know the best colours and fonts to use to make your customer want to buy. They will lay out your site in a way that helps them to do it.

2 — Finance

To grow a business in the finance industry, you need to bring in investment. In a competitive industry, you need to show potential investors that you are:

  • Honest
  • Sophisticated
  • Going to give them a return on their investment

The best way to do this? Graphic design.

You need a logo. You need consistent branding on your website, presentations and marketing materials. You need to produce investor packs filled with charts to communicate how productive you are.

Think about it, would you put your money with a bank that had a basic website and a logo that looks like clip art? Of course not.

The biggest financial companies in the world hire teams of graphic designers to help sustain their brand. If you’re trying to grow in the finance industry, you need at least one.

3 — Every other industry

OK, I’m cheating a bit with this one, but the point still stands!

To create a brand, to convey your ideas and messages, to make sales, you need an element of graphic design in your business. Design matters when connecting with your customers and differentiating yourself from your competition.

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